Thursday, July 7, 2016

Beauty Review V2 ~ Juicy Fruit Haul

Summer is the perfect time of year to update my makeup with a splash of orange! So I made an order on amazon and got these new (mostly Korean) brand beauty products:
🍊 Missha [Line Friends Edition] Eye Color Studio Mini #03 Sally Orange
🍊 Peripera Ah Much Real My Cushion Blusher, Happy Coral
🍊 Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream
🍊 [TONYMOLY] Delight Tony Tint


🍊 Missha [Line Friends Edition] Eye Color Studio Mini #03 Sally Orange 🍊
  • Ok, first off, OMG I had no idea that Missha had teamed up with LINE Friends to do a line of super, fun cosmetics!! When, I saw it, I knew I had to get it! They have 3 different characters/colors you can pick from: Sally Orange, Cony Pink, & Brown Brownie. This collection has a range of beauty things you can pick from: lip stains, blushes, eye shadows, lotions, and much more. I decided to try the eye shadow palette since I have been wanting to try out some orange shades. This was also my first time purchasing something from the brand Missha and boy was it worth it!

  • Do I really need to say it?! The packaging is super cute!! And the case is made out of good plastic and super sturdy.

  • It is not big at all, so perfect to tote around!

  • You get 4 shades of orange & they each have a nice amount of shimmer to them.

  • Great for both day & evening looks! Also for lazy days, when you just want to throw on a little shimmer and lip gloss.

  • The colors are vibrant and glittery. Hard to tell in the photo but scout's honor, it is totally legit!

  • Stays on all day with primer! 

🍊 Peripera Ah Much Real My Cushion Blusher, Happy Coral 🍊
  • Love the color! Depending on how much you squeeze out & apply, the shade can range from soft to vibrant. I like my cheeks to have a slight color so for me a little goes a long way.

  • Feels soft on the skin and does not get all cakey!

  • Blends in nicely with my BB Cream. I even put some on top of my finishing powder and it worked out nicely!

  • Packaging is super cute & easy to squeeze!

🍊 Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream 🍊
  • Smells really nice like sweet apricot!

  • Easy to apply! Scoop & rub into cuticles & nails! A little goes a long way.

  • I have sensitive nails and have yet to have any allergic reactions!

  • Been applying it for 2 weeks daily and nails are shiner & stronger. Cuticles are healthy & not dry.

🍊 [TONYMOLY] Delight Tony Tint 🍊
  • Not a huge fan of lipsticks, they just feel too heavy and dry on my lips, so I wanted to try out these lip stains from Tony Moly! You get 3 stains for under $10 which is a huge bargain compared to other brands!

  • You get 3 different colors: #1 & #2 Reds, #3 Orange. #1 is more of a cherry red & #2 is like a Raspberry red.

  • Has a nice scent, like a grape or punch flavored juice.

  • Goes on smooth but I recommend using a Q tip to apply! Dab a little on your lips with the applique wand & then use the Q tip to apply over the entire lip area. When using just the applique wand, it can get a bit messy & runny! Definitely do not use your fingers! The color literally stains the skin for several hours. The first time I applied the stain, I did exactly that and was walking around with an orange pinky all day!

  • Color stays on for hours! Photo above shows the lip stain when first applied and then 3 hours later after I washed my hands and done the dishes!

  • Great to use to get the gradient lips look!

  • Can be mixed with other lip products!

  • Super cute packaging! Look at the top of the lip stain wand handle, it's a heart!

🍊 Tada! 🍊
Here is the final look! Eyes: the lightest color in the palette with a blend of the third darkest orange, Lips: stain #3 orange, & cheeks: the orange blush πŸ’œ

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