Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Illustration Tuesday v2: Fran Meneses aka Frannerd

One of my favorite Illustrators right now has to be Fran Meneses AKA Frannerd! I swear she does it all: Illustrator, Blogger, Vlogger, Writer, Podcast Host, Cat Mama, Traveler, Etsy Shop Owner, Adventurer, Risk Taker, and so much more!

I discovered Fran through one of my friends' Instagram feed a couple of years ago. I was drawn right away to her illustration style and how funny and witty she was with her mini comics! After looking through Fran's feed, I totally had to find out more about this super, cool chick! So, I went through and watched all of her YouTube videos and read all of her blog posts.

I really appreciate how open Fran is with her audience and how she makes her viewers feel like we are a part of her cat gang. She gives such amazing advises on how to be a Freelance Illustrator and what it truly takes to become one. She also produces a variety of other videos: Let's Draw Something, Advice videos, Book/Art Supply reviews, Let's Go Out, Letters to Ed. These videos/posts makes you feel like Fran is just one of your close friends. She takes her viewers along on her adventures as a Chilean who is trying navigate and establish her new life as an illustrator in Europe (currently London, previously Berlin).

She has really inspired me to rethink my current life and to figure out what my own adventures could be! If you love fun, quirky illustrations and videos, you must check out Fran's blog and YouTube Channel! If you end up being a super fan like me, check out her Patreon and show her a little love. She updates it constantly and shares extra secretive, fun stuff!

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